How to customize the layout of the Forecast screen?

To make it even more exciting for you to use our application, we've added the ability to customize the main screen and the information blocks that are on it.

You can change the layout of the forecast screen by going to Settings - Appearance.


There are four options for displaying the information:

  1. Minimalistic
  2. Circle View
  3. Hybrid
  4. Text Only

WL_minimalistic.jpg  WL_circle.jpg  WL_hybrid.jpg  WL_text.jpg

Please note that depending on the view you select, it will display from 2 to 8 parameters within it.

You can read more about how to customize them here


Also, a little bit lower you will find the Holiday Theme button.

This button automatically changes the app's design if a holiday event is approaching! Our designers are always trying to prepare something interesting for you :)


At the very bottom of the Appearance tab, there is a setting for the blocks that you see on the main screen of the application.

To remove any of the blocks from the Forecast screen, click on the "-" icon to the left of the block, and then click "Hide".

To add a block, tap the "+" icon.


To change the order of the blocks on the main screen, hold down the burger button (to the right of the block name), drag the block to the desired location, and then drop it.

Now the blocks on the main screen will be arranged in the order you set. 

WL_layout_edit_2.jpg  WL_layout_edit_3.jpg


We hope that with our tips, you will now be able to fully customize the application for yourself, and use it more and more often!


If you still have any questions, please email us at and we'll be happy to help!

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