How to set up the weather information at the top of the main screen?

The Parameters block is located in the corresponding tab in the settings.

Here you select which weather data you want to see on the top of the main application screen.

The number to the left of the parameter corresponds to its location on the main screen.

For your convenience, we have added a hint at the bottom in the layout to make it easier to understand how the information will be displayed on the screen.

WL_parameters.jpg  WL_parameters_2.jpg

To change the order of the parameters, press and hold the burger button ( right of the parameter), then drag it to the desired location.

WL_parameters_3.jpg  WL_parameters_4.jpg

Also remember that you can change the number of parameters displayed (from 2 to 8) simply by changing the view.

Read more about how to customize the layout here.

The parameters on the Apple Watch device will be displayed in a similar order.

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