How to add a one-time task?

Productive now allows to create not only repetitive but single-time tasks as well.

In this guide we will show you how to create them and add to your schedule.

First, tap the "+" button at the bottom right corner and select One time task.

IMG_0824.jpg IMG_0836.jpg

On the next screen you will be able to add a name to your task and choose it's icon and color.

After this you can select the date, when the habit will be set to. 

If you tap on the date ("Today, September 30", as shown on the screenshot) you will see a small calendar where you can choose the necessary date. 

To navigate easier, you can use the Today, Tomorrow and Next week buttons.

IMG_0838.jpg  IMG_0839.jpg

If you would also like to set a reminder, please tap the Add time section.

After selecting the necessary time, tap the Set time button.

IMG_0840.jpg IMG_0841.jpg

You can add up to 6 reminders to a single habit.

Your freshly created habit will appear on the main screen if it is due any time today. If it is set for the next day, you can open the schedule for tomorrow and see the habit there.


Thank you for choosing our app! 

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