How to add airport to favorites?

If there is an airport you visit frequently, perhaps, you'd like to have information about it always at hand. The easiest way to do it is by adding an airport to favorites.

Open the main screen of the app and tap My Airports in the bottom menu bar. 


The list will be empty if you are first using this function. To add an airport, tap the Search button in the bottom of the screen, then type the city where the airport is located or its international code. In this example we're looking for an airport in Madrid (MAD). Tap the name of the airport to get to the screen with information regarding it.  

02.PNG 03.PNG

When on the Airport Information screen, you will see Departures/Arrivals. To see the full list of flights, tap the arrow icon as shown on the screenshot below. You can filter the flights by choosing the period of time last 2 hrs/6hrs/12hrs. On this screen you can also consult timezone, weather conditions, etc.    

0001.PNG 0002.PNG

Want to see where the airport is located? Tap Show on Map in the bottom menu bar. To get back to the airport information screen, drag up the top of the curtain. 

05.PNG  06.PNG

To know how to get to the airport, tap Directions in the bottom menu bar and use the device's default map to learn the route.


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