Golden Hour and Blue Hour

We strive to constantly improve. Here's yet another great addition to other incredible Weather Live app features. Let's talk about Golden and Blue Hour

First of all, what does it mean?

Professional photographers are no stranger to these definitions. And by using our app you can easier become one too! 


Golden Hour is an effect that takes place after the sunrise and before the sunset. It's not necessarily an hour because it can last more or less depending on various factors such as season, latitude, etc. During this period, the sun is low above the horizon and due to this position produces longer shadows and allows for more indirect light. In other words, the colors around us tend to be more reddish and the light is softer which makes for great conditions for taking breathtaking photos.


Blue Hour is an effect that we see all the time but we usually call it the twilight. It happens in the morning or in the evening and lasts way less than an hour. During this period, the sun can't be seen because it's below the horizon but it is still there and it produces shorter wavelengths. In other words, the colors are predominantly blueish and the light is very soft which makes for great conditions for taking tranquil and peaceful photos. 


Both these effects' duration can vary depending on the season, latitude, sky, atmosphere and other factors. And here's where our app will come in handy. 

Open the main screen of the app and swipe it up till you see the block "Photography". Consult the period of time for each of these phenomenons and be fully equipped when the time comes (free your camera and your imagination).


Take lots of superb photos using "Weather Live" and don't forget to include #Weatherlive hashtag!

Hope it works well for you and if you have questions, write at

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