How to insert images, figures and smiles?

You may want to add different elements to your note such as images and lines.

1. To add an image from your device's memory, tap the icon as indicated on the screenshot below and then select an image from the Camera Roll.  


2. To insert a figure, tap the icon next to eraser (its look may vary based on the last chosen element). If you tap once, you can add the element you see on the icon, e.g the last added. By tapping twice, you will call up a pop-up menu with different options such as shapes, icons, blur and annotate (smiles).


After you've chosen an element, tap anywhere on the note to add it.

How you can edit an element:

Tap and drag the tops of the element (1) to change its proportions.

Tap and hold the top (2) to rotate the element.

Tap the hamburger button (3), to see advanced options such as color and thickness of the element.

Tap the "x" icon (4) to delete the element.


After you've finished editing the element, tap anywhere on the note to exit edit mode. You can always get back to editing by tapping the element you've added. 

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