How to add and edit text?

The main function of the Notepad+ Pro app is making notes. Let's see how you can add text and how to edit it afterwards.

Tap the "T" icon situated on the blue ribbon in the upper part of the screen. This will bring up a keyboard. 


Type your text. You see that the text has to fit within the borders of a dashed frame. To change its size, use the top (1). If you want to delete the frame with the text, tap the "x" icon (2).


There are several ways how you can edit the text:

1.Choose the color of the text; 

2.Choose the font (here it's HelveticaNeue);

3.Adjust the font's size by tapping "+" and "-";

4.Choose where you want to situate the text (on the left/in the middle/on the right);

5.Choose if you want to place the text at the top/in the middle/at the bottom of the screen. 

When finished editing, tap "Done".


Hope this helps and if you have questions, write us at

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