How to follow users and check statistics

Inspiration is in the core of creating beautiful images so we've taken care of always feeding your inspiration.

You already know how to upload images to Inspire (consult this link, if you need help). Now let's find out how to add certain publishers to favorites.

Open the app and choose Inspire tab in the bottom menu bar.


Tap either All or Top Users to see the images uploaded to Inspire by other Coloring Book for Me addicts. As you can guess, the All tab contains all the images which are divided into Popular and Recent. The most recent and popular images will be at the top of the feed. 


In this example, we browse through the feed to find the Top Users of all time (for this, tap the Top Users tab and then all time). To start following a publisher, tap the Follow button on the right. After tapping it, the button will turn green. 


If you tap an image uploaded by the publisher you're already following, you will see the green Following button on the right. To unfollow, simply tap the Following button once. 


You can check all the publishers you are following as well as those who follow you in the Profile (for this, tap the Profile icon in the bottom menu).

According to our profile, we published 11 works, got 4 likes, have 1 follower and are following 10 publishers. You can tap any of the icons highlighted and see advanced information about the users who liked your images or started following you, etc.


Maybe you are about to become famous in our Inspire feed so don't hesitate to upload your works as well as follow other inspiring artists. You can always recolor the images you liked and compete for likes and followers.  

And if you have problems, please contact us at and we'll do our best to help you. 

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