How to use filters?

Planes Live app allows you to get information about the flights carried out every day and all that in the real-time mode. If you want, you can zoom out on the map to see the great number of planes currently in the air or about to depart. It would be great to just easily browse through and find the plain that you need, and here the filters would come in handy.  

On the main screen, tap Filters to open the Filter screen, then tap the right arrow to see all the filters.

1.PNG 2.PNG 

Choose one of them (Aeroplane Model, Airline Company, Airport of Departure and Arrival, Altitude and Speed) and tap the filter you want to apply (the selected filter will have a verification sign).  


In this example, we will use the filter by Airport of departure (London City Airport). Tap the result and then Add to apply the filter. An active filter will appear at the end of the list of Active Filters. You can delete it by tapping the bin icon (Clear (2). 

4.PNG 5.PNG 

To get back to the map, tap "x" in the left top corner. An active filter will appear on the map and from now on the search will be limited by your preferences. If you want to delete the filter, tap "x" and you will be able to see the rest of the flights.


You can repeat these steps with other filters if necessary to further narrow down the search.

We hope that this article was useful when trying to find your flight, aeroplane or airport. And if you have more questions, write us at

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