Siri Shortcuts: how to add and edit

Siri Shortcuts is a thrilling function in iOS and the "Productive" app does its best to make full use of it. So how do you add Siri Shortcuts in Productive?

Open the app, tap Menu in the right top corner and then Siri Shortcuts.


From this screen, you can add a shortcut for any habit added to the app. To navigate, swipe right and left. When you find the habit, tap the "+" icon and proceed to name it. For this, tap the red button and pronounce the name you will say when you want to run this particular Siri Shortcut. Consult the prompts you see on the screen to guide you. 

3.PNG 4.PNG 

You can also add shortcuts from your device's settings.

For this, tap the gear icon and then the Siri & Search tab. Scroll down the next screen and tap the Productive app.  


Tap Shortcuts and then Show my current habits and proceed to creating a shortcut. 


*Note: to run a Siri Shortcut, tap and hold the side button and then pronounce the name of the shortcut.   

You can also edit existing shortcuts. For this, open the Shortcut in the app and tap the Edit icon or in your device's settings tap this Shortcut to open the Edit mode. In this mode you can Re-Record Phrase (1) or Delete the Shortcut (2). When finished, tap Done in the right top corner. 


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