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A new update brings to you even more productive functions!

The Productive app is all about efficiency and what's more efficient than an ability to mark habits without the necessity to open the app? Let's see the ways to do it. 


Swipe up from the middle of the Lock screen or swipe down from any other screen to open the Notification Centre.


For iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and superior models (excluding iPhone XR, SE)), tap and hold the notification you want to manage.

For other models, swipe left on the notification and tap "View".

In the pop-up menu you will see the following options: 1) Done and 2) Skip. Tap one of them depending on your intentions. 


You can also manage your habits from the widget

For this, make sure you add the app's widget to the Today view. To open it, swipe right over the Home screen or Lock screen then scroll to the very bottom and tap Edit. Find "Productive" and tap the green plus icon. When finished, tap Done in the right top corner and the widget will be successfully added. 

All your habits that are due to be done today will be shown on the widget. As you can see in the image below, they can be of different colors. These colors are those you assigned to this particular habit when creating it. To mark a habit as done, tap a colored circle.


If you want to add a new habit or see all of them or skip, tap the "+" icon in the right top corner or Show all respectively to get transferred to the app.


Hope this helps and if you have questions, write us at

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