How to create and manage your Profile?

You can gain popularity posting your artworks or get inspired by other users' works. Want to learn more? Let's see how to create a profile.

Open the app and tap Profile in the bottom menu. 

Choose one of the three methods of identification (e-mail, SMS, or Facebook account) and complete the steps to verify your account. 

You will get an automatic generated name, e.g. Elated Bear, but you can always change it later.

How to manage Profile?

Tap the "pencil" icon on the avatar to get to edit mode.


You can change the name, add a brief information about yourself. 

To change an avatar, tap the "+" icon and choose one of the preset avatars. Tap the Gallery in the upper right corner to choose an avatar from the photos on your device or take a photo.   

002.png 003.png 

Once the profile is successfully created, you can publish artworks to Inspire (learn more here) or see and rate the works uploaded by other users. 

You can monitor your activity in Inspire on the Profile screen:


  • How many pictures you published to Inspire;
  • How many likes your artworks got;
  • How many pictures you downloaded for recoloring;

Hope this helps and if you have questions, write us at 

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