How to reorder habits?

After a while, if you are an active Productive user, you might want to rearrange the habits you've been adding all along. Let's see how to do this!

1. First, open the main screen of the app and tap Habits in the top left corner.


2. All your habits are scheduled to be completed in the Morning/Afternoon/Evening/or Any time. They are listed on the Habits page and divided according to the time of day. 


In this example, we will reorder one of our Evening habits. Say, we want to complete the “Go for a walk” habit after reading. In this case, just tap and hold it and then move it up or down the list. Release the habit when necessary position is reached.

IMG_0202.jpg IMG_0203.jpg

As you can see now, the order of our habits has also changed on the Today's screen of the app. 


Hope this article has been helpful, but if something is left unclear, let us know at We'll do our best to help!

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