Timer and its functions

"Timer" feature is yet another useful function we've added to the app. Whether you want to increase the efficiency of the task or add a relaxing component to it, there's no better option. In this article, you will find how to set a timer and how it works. 

Open the main screen of the app, pull it down to add a habit; choose a default habit or create your own (read here to learn more). 

On the Add habit screen you can choose to implement it:

1. Without a timer;

2. Set the timer to 5/30/60 min (for this, tap the desired timer);

3. Set custom time (tap the tab and set the hour/minutes/seconds by swiping the digits up/down then tap Save).

1.PNG  2.PNG

When the timer is set, complete other necessary steps, tap Next in the right top corner and then Done in the right top corner. 

The habit will appear on the main screen at the end of the list. The habits with a timer will have a corresponding icon with the time set.  


To activate a timer, do what you usually do to mark a habit as done (swipe right), only this time tap the yellow timer button.


You will be transferred to the timer screen. Here the habit is meditation and the timer is set to 5 minutes. To activate it, tap Start.


In order to increase the efficiency of your meditation, enable sounds. For this, tap the note icon in the left bottom corner; it will turn yellow. You can choose one of the 6 default melodies by swiping right/left.


Once the timer is activated (the progress is indicated with a yellow color), there are 3 options available to a user:

1. Pause the timer;

2. Restart the timer;

3. Close the timer.

*Note: please be advised that when you reopen it, you will have to start from the beginning.


Can I change the timer after adding a habit or add it to an existing one?

Sure, you have to do the following:

Tap the habit you want to manage and then the tab "Name, icon & timer"


On the next screen, choose a time interval and tap Done. 


Hope this helps and if you have questions, write us at

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