How to publish works to Inspire and manage them?

Color book app is about to color your routine into new colors!  

Ever wanted to share your great images with more people and not only with your subscribers? Say hello to Inspire: here where art connects people.

Let's see how you can publish your works to Inspire

1. When your work is finished, tap the share button and then Publish to Inspire. 

2_0.PNG 2.PNG 

To see your posted image, tap Inspire in the bottom menu and then select Recent tab. 


How can you manage the artworks published to Inspire?

Tap Profile in the bottom menu and then Published artworks.


Tap the picture you want to manage.

  • In the left upper corner, there is your nickname with the chosen avatar.
  • In the left bottom corner - how many users liked the work.
  • In the right bottom corner, there is the Recolour button - tap it if you've got other ideas on how to color the image.
  • Tap the more button in the right upper corner to delete the artwork*.

*Note: please be advised that you can delete the artwork from the Inspire but it will stay on the devices of the users who have already downloaded it.     


Hope you will get many likes, enough to inspire you for more. And if you have questions, write us at

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