How to create my own color palette?

Our app provides you with a huge variety of colors to choose from when coloring a picture. You can navigate between different color palettes or create your own one with custom colors.

Let's see how this can be done:

Open any picture that you'd like to color. Tap the palette at the bottom part of the screen.


You will see a full list of available Color palettes. Each of them has it's own name and number. Tap the + button in the upper right corner to enter the Create palette page.


On the screen you will see all available parameters of the palette:

1 - preview of your future palette, each palette can consist of 8 colors;

2 - it's name and number, you can edit it anytime;

3 - three sliders that will help you with creating a color.


Let's look at the sliders more closely:

Color slider includes a whole specter of available colors. By sliding it left or right you can select literally every color you'd like!

IMG_0195.PNG IMG_0196.PNG

Saturation slider controls the intensity of the chosen color. If you move the slider to the left, you can see how the color starts fading. 

IMG_0197.PNG IMG_0198.PNG

Brightness slider will control how light the color will be.

IMG_0199.PNG IMG_0200.PNG

By default Brightness and Saturation are set to maximum.

After setting up a color, simply tap an empty space on the palette to start creating a new one.

Once finished, you can tap the name at the center of your palette and rename it to your liking.


When your perfect palette is complete, tap 'Save Palette' button at the bottom of the screen. 


We hope that it helps! Enjoy coloring with our app!


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