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Weather Live is a customizable app and you yourself can decide what information is more relevant and how it should be displayed. 

When in the main screen of the app, tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner and then Preferences tab.

The Weather block allows you to choose between:

  • F and C for Temperature;
  • mph, km/h, m/s, knots, Beaufort for Wind speed;
  • inches, mm, kPa, hPa, mbar for Pressure 

You can also choose whether you want to receive the atmospheric pressure data from a weather provider or from the device sensor.

(Provider's data gives the pressure at the sea level, which may differ from the real one, especially if location is situated somewhere in the mountains.

Device's sensor measures the pressure directly for the location where the phone is)

The precipitation display can be adjusted in inches or mm.

A little further down, in the Air Quality block, you can select one of the three data indexing standards:


In the Notification Center block, you can:

  • Enable or disable Warning notifications to know when the weather conditions are really drastic;
  • Morning, Evening notifications (when enabled, you can set the time when you want to receive them);
  • Report Weather (inform us about weather forecast inaccuracies, to learn more, read here);
  • Notifications on every weather change (be aware of the weather conditions);
  • Hurricane Notifications (stay alert when a hurricane is approaching your area);
  • Lightning notifications (when this notification is activated, a scale will appear suggesting you select the distance within which the lightning can be monitored).

You can also adjust sound settings as well as make the app silent at night and set the exact time of the period of silence.


In the Widgets block you can find detailed instructions on how you can install a widget for the Home screen, or for the lock screen (you can also learn about it here).

In the Location Settings block, we recommend enabling Track Location. You will need this function if you want to have an ability to report weather and use the device's sensor for detecting atmospheric pressure. It also facilitates receiving alerts for your location and provides the data to be displayed on the widget.


The Clock block allows to adjust the clock settings:

  • Set the time format (12h/24h);
  • Enable/disable the seconds to be shown;
  • Enable Local Time to choose whether you want to see the time for the currently displayed location. Disable it if you want to see the time of your device; 

Use the Auto Lock block to set auto-lock settings. You can force auto-lock when the device is plugged in and/or when on battery. Moreover, you can have it auto locked after, say, 10 minutes. 

In the example below, when the device is on battery power, the lock will be delayed for 10 minutes.

(Even if the default screen lock setting has a shorter time)


Siri Shortcuts can be activated if needed, and then you can configure them in the appeared menu.

The Help & Support block will give you brief information about the app features, help you quickly go to the App Store to rate it, contact us via email, and find information about our company's privacy policy.

In addition, if you already have an active subscription to our app, but, for some reason, the paid features are unavailable to you, you can click Restore Purchase.

*Note: Before restoring your purchase, please make sure you are using the same Apple ID from which you made the purchase. 
Also, please note that purchases made on a different operating system (e.g. Android) are not transferable when you change platforms.

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Hope this information helped, and if you need more advice, please write us at

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