How to report weather or share the forecast?


How To Report Weather Or Share The Forecast?

It may happen that the real weather is different from what you see in the app. The thing is that the app's data provider information may be faulty sometimes and the only way to improve it is by reporting weather inaccuracies. How to do it?

1. On the main screen, open the app's settings by tapping the icon in the upper right corner.


2. Scroll down the Display screen and enable Report Weather function. Tap Done in the upper right corner. 


*Note: You can report weather only for the location that is automatically tracked.

3. You will be transferred to the main screen. Swipe it down and find the Report weather block. Select by tap the weather conditions corresponding to the real weather outside (here it's Overcast/Thunderstorm) and then tap Send.

4.png 5.png

All is done, your contribution will help to make the app even better.

You can share the weather forecast with your family, friends, or subscribers.

In order to share the weather displayed on your device, please tap the share icon. Regardless of the chosen layout, it is situated below the temperature values C/F then choose the recipient and the weather will be shared.



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