How to report about current weather in your location?

It may happen that the real weather is different from what you see in the app. The thing is that the app's data provider information may be faulty sometimes and the only way to improve it is by reporting weather inaccuracies. How to do it?

1. Tap Settings in the lower right corner on the main screen.


2. In the Preferences tab, make sure that Report Weather is enabled in the notification center, and that Track Location option is enabled below. Then go back to the Forecast tab.


*Note: You can report weather only for the location that is automatically tracked. This means only for the first location on your list. 

3. If everything was done correctly, a new "What's Your Weather?" button will appear on the main screen.


4. By clicking on it, select the weather conditions that actually describes the weather outside the window and click Send.

WL_report_4.jpg. WL_report_5.jpg

Done! Your input will help us make the app even better!

We hope this information was helpful, and if you still have questions, email us at We'll be happy to help you.

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