Advanced statistics

In order to get even more detailed statistical data, tap the Statistics tab in the bottom menu bar and then the arrow next to the day of the week (e.g. Friday).  


You will be transferred to the Night Statistics screen. Here you can see the date (1), Sleep debt, time asleep and quality (2) as well as Sleep goal, time in bed, sleep recordings and sleep notes (3).


In order to see the charts with the values above mentioned, tap See details. You will be transferred to the Trends screen of this exact date. To learn more, please follow this link: Trends tab and how to read them.


There is also a chart of your night sleep. "Zzz" in the upper left corner shows the time you went to sleep, the alarm in the upper right corner, the time when you woke up. At the bottom of the chart, there are sleep stages and the time you spent in each of them. Here: Awake (yellow) 0:07 minutes, Light sleep (green) 0:38 minutes and Deep sleep (blue) 5:20 minutes.


Please remember that you can switch from your night statistics for, say, Thursday to that of Friday by swiping left the current date. Similarly, swipe left/right to see previous/following days.


Don't forget that you can share this data or delete it.

To share, tap the icon in the upper right corner. To delete, tap the red Delete button.


Hope this article will help you to better understand how the whole sleep detection process works and you will soon see your sleep habits and the quality improving. If you still feel that you need help, please contact us at

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