Short and long term forecasts

Weather Live is a great app to monitor the weather not only for today and now but also for other days and other periods of a day. Let's learn about it. 

By default, the main screen displays the now/today weather forecast.

If you swipe down on the main screen, you will see several blocks that allow you to monitor the weather:

1. Weather forecast by day of the week shows today's weather and also allows you to see the forecast for the next 14 days.

To select a day, scroll to the left, and click on the desired day to see its forecast.


2. The hourly forecast shows the weather for today with one hour intervals.

Additionally, when you scroll through this block, the days of the week above will also change.


3. The 7-day forecast initially displays the temperature for the next 7 days, but you can increase this number to 14 days by clicking on the More button at the bottom of the list.

WL_forecast_3.jpg WL_forecast_4.jpg 

Hope with these functions you will make the most of sunny days and will be better prepared to face nasty weather. And if you need our assistance, write us at and we will do our best to help you.

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