Short and long term forecast

Weather Live is a great app to monitor the weather not only for today and now but also for other days and other periods of a day. Let's learn about it. 

If you swipe up the main screen, there are two blocks that allow you to monitor the weather:

1. The Short-term forecast block displays the weather for now and for 7 other periods of the day with a 3-hour interval.

2. The Long-term forecast block displays the weather for today as well as for 7 following days. 

Though not all of them displayed in the block, by swiping left you will get what you need to know.


How to manage the weather blocks?

So, by default, the weather displayed on the main screen is the weather now/today


Let's find out what it will be like today at 10 PM by tapping the corresponding sections. We see that the weather is worsening and it will be really cloudy. The layout as you've probably noticed changes accordingly.   


What if you've planned to have an outdoor activity, say, on Saturday at 1 PM? It's as simple as choosing this hour and day in the Short- and Long-term forecast blocks. Looks like there is nothing threatening your weekend plans!  


You can also double tap an hour and a day to see a temperature curve. In this example, we see that at 1 PM the temperature will be the highest on Saturday (on this date, the weather ranges from 12 to 22 degrees). Though, among the nearest days, certainly, Tuesday (25 degrees) is the warmest of all. How about hosting a picnic?


Hope with these functions you will make the most of sunny days and will be better prepared to face nasty weather. And if you need our assistance, write us at and we will do our best to help you.

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