How to change wake-up settings?

"Sleepzy" is a smart alarm for smart sleep monitoring that is why we wanted to give you a full range of instruments to personalize it.

First of all, let's learn how you can adjust various wake-up settings. 

1. Open the main screen of the app and tap the Settings icon in the bottom menu bar. 


2. Swipe down the Settings screen to the "Personalization" section. 


  • Set sleep goal. Sleep goal is the amount of time you want or need to sleep every day. This parameter will help the app better assess your sleep quality and will serve as sort of a benchmark for the calculations.
  • Microphone sleep analysis is yet another sleep quality detection tool along with the accelerometer. It will monitor the level of noise during your sleep time to determine the sleep phase and also will add this to the sleep quality calculation.

3. Your favourite Wake-up sound can be a great way to wake up in a good mood. Move the slider left to decrease the volume of the music and right, to increase. To change the music, tap the arrow next to the music. To add new music, tap the "+" in the right top part and to choose a default melody, tap one of the built-in tracks.  

9.PNG 10.PNG

4. You can also adjust the Wake-up settings.


  • Change the wake-up range (a time window before the alarm goes off when the app is allowed to detect the light phase of your sleep which is the best time to wake you up). By default, it's set to 30 minutes. 
  • Snooze duration. Use the "+" and "-" in order to increase or decrease the time allowed for snoozing mode.
  • Set the vibration when the alarm goes off by moving the switch left (disable) or right (enable).
  • Set the fade in mode by moving the switch left (disable) or right (enable).

Hope this helps you to increase the level of your satisfaction with the app and if you experience any issues, please write us at and we will resolve them in no time. 

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