How to set an alarm?

Have you ever dreamt of having an ability to record all the data regarding your sleep patterns?  We've designed "Sleepzy" so that it becomes your invaluable assistant when it comes to improving your sleep habits and sleep quality. 

Let's start with setting an alarm. For this, you need to do the following: 

Open the app on the main screen and set the time by swiping the digits on the right and on the left up and down. In this example, we set the alarm to go off at 7:00 AM. At the bottom of the screen, you will see "Wake-up range", a manually set time window (by default, 30 minutes) within which the app will detect your sleep phases and try to wake you up when you enter the light sleep phase which is the best to wake up effortlessly. Since we've set the alarm to 7:00 AM, the alarm range is from 6:30 to 7:00.


When you go to sleep, simply tap the blue "Sleep" button you see on the main screen. Please also make sure the alarm is activated. When activated (ON), you will see its blue icon on the left, when disabled (OFF), it will be crossed out.    

 2.PNG 4.PNG

If the alarm is activated, you will be transferred to the alarm screen. It contains the following information: 

  • If the sleep timer is enabled (read more here), you will see a music track to let you drift off to sleep and the sleep timer duration. To start playing the music, tap the play icon and adjust the volume by dragging the slider left (quieter) or right (louder).
  • The current time and the wake-up range according to the time you've set the alarm. 
  • Left to sleep indicator is the time you have left before the alarm goes off. 


In order to stop the alarm, long tap the red button for a few seconds. 


*Note: your sleep data can be found on the statistics screen. In order to know where to find it and how to read, please open this link.

Hope this helps and if you have more questions, please write us at and we will help you. 

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