Where to find short statistics?

A healthy life depends highly on a healthy sleep. Our life is busy and there will be days when you don't get enough sleep, or days when you sleep even more than your sleep goal (read more about sleep goal here). We have designed a convenient way to collect your sleep data and you are about to learn where to find it and how to read. 

1. Open the main screen of the app and tap the Statistics icon in the bottom menu bar. 


What kind of information does it have? Let's see more in details using the image below. 

*Note: the hours asleep given here are purely for example purposes and do not reflect the real time a person averagely spends asleep.  

Your sleep data is sorted by a week of the month. In this example, we have data for the week starting September 30 and ending October 6. 


  • Sleep Debt (the hours you were sleep deprived calculated based on your sleep goal).
  • AVG (Average) Asleep - the value that reflects how many hours on average you spend asleep
  • AVG (Average) Quality - the value that shows how good is your average sleep. The red color here shows that the value is bad, blue that it's good but can be better, and the green means your sleep quality is satisfying. 

If you look closer, you will see a more detailed description of the days of the selected week. Here, we have sleep data for Friday, Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday. It shows that on that week the sleep debt was 5:24, the AVG asleep is 6:33 and the AVG quality was 83% (it's green so it is satisfying). Also, you can see that the app recorded 1 track during the night (read more about sound recording here).


You can learn about reading advanced statistical data here.

Hope this article was helpful and you will effortlessly find the necessary data. If you still feel that you need our help, please contact us at

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