What's a MagicPhoto feature and where to find it

Let's learn something more about the magic of this beautiful app.

The MagicPhoto feature allows you to apply to the picture the colours you see around you. 

For this, tap the magic wand icon and then in the pop-up menu tap the MagicPhoto tab. 


You will be transferred to the camera mode. All you need to do is choose the background and move the device so that this background is captured within the borders of the drawing. Let your imagination lead the way! When the background is chosen, tap the shutter button and then either leave the picture as it is or continue colouring it. 


From this screen, you can also add a photo from the gallery. For this, tap the leftmost icon and then select a photo. it will be immediately applied to the image. Here's an example of how your image may look like. 


Repeat this step if you want to apply another photo. And remember that you can leave it as it is or continue the colouring process. 

We try to show you all the features that the app has but if something is left unclear and there are difficulties, write us at We'd be glad to assist you.

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