How to create a folder and add documents into it?

It's important to arrange your scans so that you don't have to waste time looking for a document. One of the most convenient ways of managing the documents is creating folders where these scans will be stored.   

In order to add a folder to the Library, tap the plus button and in the pop-up menu select the "Folder" tab.

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There are several ways how you can add documents to the newly created folder. 

1. You can drag already scanned page/pages. For this, tap and hold a scan/document and drag it above the folder. Repeat this action until all the documents are in the folder. 


You can also add documents when in the created folder. For this, tap the plus button and either open the Scanner (1) to scan new docs or choose an image from the Gallery (2). 

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Please, remember that you can change the name of the folder. For this, tap its current name and then the "pencil" icon. Type a new name and tap the checkmark when finished. 


Hope you are finding the app useful and if you have questions, please write us at and we will resolve your doubts. 

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