How to create mandala?

"Coloring Book for Me" brings you joy and fun! 

We have added yet another awesome feature to the app to give you the most excitement and entertainment.

Remember these amazing mandalas that you can find in the app and colour them the way you want? Well, here it goes - now you can create your own mandala and colour it afterward!

In order to design your unique mandala, follow the instructions below:

1. When on the main screen (Gallery), tap the "Create" icon in the lower menu bar. 


2. Choose the "Color mandala" section. 


3. You will be transferred to the Create mandala screen where you need to choose one of the five line thickness options and the number of segments.

To adjust the line thickness (1), tap one of the circles (the leftmost for the thinnest line and the rightmost, for the thickest)   

To choose the number of segments (2), drag the slider. Move it left if you want fewer segments and right if you want to increase their number. 


*Note: you can first draw the mandala and then adjust these parameters, the result will be the same

4. Put a finger on the screen within the frame you see and start drawing. You can try as many variants as you want because your previous steps can be erased by tapping the left arrow (1). To cancel erasing, tap the right arrow (2). When you are satisfied with the mandala's design, tap the green checkmark in the right top corner. 


5. Your mandala after these manipulations will be saved to 'My Artwork' that can be accessed from the main screen. In the 'All Pictures' section, tap your mandala to colour it. 


6. Tap the "Continue to colour" button (1) if you want to colour your masterpiece. Tap the bin (2) to delete it and "Share" (3) to share it with your friends and subscribers. 


With a bit of imagination, effort and beautiful colours applied, your mandala will turn out to be just perfect. 


We can't wait to see your dashing mandalas so don't forget to add the #coloringbookforme hashtag! 

If you need help or advice, please contact us at We are here to help you!

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