How to choose printer and save the document in PDF format?

You can print the document or save it to PDF directly on your device without sharing to any other application.

In order to do that, please follow the steps:

1. Open the scan in the Library and tap the "print" icon in the lower panel.


2. By default, all the pages in a document are selected. You can unselect them by tapping and they will turn gray and will lack the checkmark as shown in the example below. 


3. You can also change the settings applied to the document by tapping the extension arrow in the center of the upper blue line. Change the number of copies, colour, paper size, orientation, etc. 

4.3.png 4.4.png

4. Tap the extension arrow on the right of the blue line at the top of the screen to choose a printer. Choose one of the printers or tap "All printers..." to open the list of available devices. When the printer is chosen, tap the yellow Printer button to print the document. 

4.6.2.png 4.6.png

5. If you want to convert it to PDF, tap the extension arrow on the right of the blue line at the top of the screen, make sure you select "Save as PDF" option then tap the yellow PDF button and choose the destination folder. When finished, press "Done" in the right top corner to save it in PDF format.  

4.7.png 4.6.2.png

Hope the article is useful, but if there are any doubts left, please contact us at We are glad to help. 

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