How to edit scans?

Scanner for Me app can also perform simple editing functions and allows you to modify the original image. Let's talk in more details about these useful functions.

In order to access edit mode, open the app, tap the icon in the left top corner to access the Library and find the document you want to manage. 


*Note: the document may contain various pages so be advised that modifications will be applied only to the page you currently see on the screen (in our example, it's a page 1/2).

In the lower panel, choose the leftmost icon to access the edit mode. 


There are the following edit functions available to you: 

1. Brightness. You can change the brightness of the scan by moving the slider up (to increase) and down (to decrease). 


2. Color. Choose one of the preset color schemes and apply them to the original image.


3. Crop. Change the size of the scan by dragging the corners of the frame and rotate if necessary using the arrows on the sides (#1 to turn left and #2 to turn right).  


When finished with modifications, simply tap "Done" in the right top corner of the screen. 


Hope it worked, but if you have questions, feel free to ask us: We are always ready to assist you.

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