Where to find scans and how to manage them?

Scanner for Me app has many useful functions and one of them is the ability to edit already existing files and add new pages or delete the old ones. For this, open the main screen of the app and tap the icon in the left top corner to access the Library. Find the file you want to manage and tap it to open.


I. There are two ways to add new pages to the document. 

1. Tap the "plus" icon in the right top corner of the document's screen to get transferred to the Scanner mode.


2. Swipe left the pages until you see an empty page with the plus button in the middle and tap it to get transferred to the Scanner mode.


In the Scanner mode, either automatically or manually scan new pages (for more information, see How to scan a document?)they will be added to the upper panel as thumbnails and when you tap the checkmark, new pages will be saved in the existing document. 


II. If you want to delete pages, open the page you want to remove in the document and tap the "bin" icon. 


You can also delete the pages when in the Scanner mode. For this, please tap the page (pages) you want to delete (will have a checkmark) and then tap the "bin" icon (with the number of selected pages on it), these pages will be removed.


*Note: Please remember that deleted pages cannot be restored.


III. Users of the Scanner for Me app can also assign names to the documents. To change the name of the file, tap the "pencil" icon in the top right corner and type a new name. 


When finished, press the checkmark. 


We hope that the article was useful but if you still have questions, contact us at We are always here to assist you.

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