How to import pictures?

Ever dreamed of adding your own picture and coloring it afterwards? Dreams come true with the “Super Pixel - Color by Number” app!

When on the main screen, tap “My Artwork” tab in the upper menu bar. Here at the very top, you will see the “Import pic” icon. Tap it to continue.


*Note: please, kindly allow access to your device’s camera in order to proceed, otherwise some features will be unavailable to you. Under no circumstances will we use this access to collect sensitive information, look through your photos, make indirect use of it, or in any other way violate our Privacy Policy. Camera access is necessary only for importing a picture for its further manipulation in the app.  


1. After the access is allowed, you will see the viewfinder window. There is a slider below the window which allows to adjust the difficulty level by moving it from easy (left) to hard (right). By default, its position is somewhere nearer to easy, but you can always increase the pixelation if you move the slider to the left.

You can compare these two examples below and see for yourself the difference. Also, remember that the more pixelated the picture, the more numbers it will have and thus the more difficult it will be to color. 


2. After the pixelation is set, place the object you want to snap within the viewfinder borders and tap the shutter button in the middle.


3. You will see the result on the screen. If you don’t like it, tap “Retake” (1) and if you do, simply tap “Use” (2) and the picture will be imported and saved to "My Artwork".   


You can also choose either the back or front camera. To switch between them, tap the right icon in the bottom menu bar on the import screen. Likewise, from this screen, you can add photos from your Camera Roll. For that, tap the left icon in the bottom menu bar.


By now, you are most certainly able to import your own pictures. And if something is unclear, please let us know at   

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