How to delete habit or reset data?

There are habits and resolutions worth sticking to and the “Productive” app helps you to do just that. But some of them may become obsolete and you will move on, so here's a few tips how you can delete a habit/task from the app. It’s pretty easy once you get used to the app’s algorithm.

*Note: while it’s pretty easy to delete a habit, you must remember that if you have our app installed on several devices, you have to disable synchronizing (consult this link for more information) in order to ensure the habit is deleted once and for all.

1. So, first open the app on the main screen and tap a habit you want to delete.


2. Swipe down to the “Reset or delete” tab and tap it.


3. Here are your options: delete the habit irreversibly, or reset data.


Here's another way to do it.

1. Tap "Menu" in the top-right corner of the main screen.


2. Select Habits & ordering tab.


3. Choose from the list below the habit you want to manipulate.


4. You'll get to the habit's details screen. Now delete the habit, or reset it. In this example, we've decided to delete the habit so we tap "Delete habit" tab.  


All is done! Hope you've succeeded, and should you have questions, write us at We are here to help!

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