How to move pages between folders?

You already know that the “Scanner for Me” app allows users to create folders with scanned documents. But there is also a possibility to transfer documents between folders. You are about to learn how to do just that.

First, what you need to know, is that the same pattern is used for both documents and folders. So in order to move a document or a whole folder to another folder, you need to do the following:

1. Open the screen of the app "Library" and tap and hold a document/folder you want to move. When a transparent thumbnail appears, drag it to the destination folder. In this example, Scan 1 and Scan 2 from the Library screen are moved to the New Folder.


Now, how to extract them and put back on the Library screen, or drag into another folder?

It’s pretty easy as well.

1. Open the folder containing the documents by tapping it.


2. Tap and hold a document you want to relocate, and move it a bit. You will be transferred to the Library screen.

*Note: you will still see the document in its current folder until you release the finger. If you've changed your mind or did so by mistake, simply drag the document back to the original folder without releasing it. 

3. We want to move Scan 2 to the Library screen, so we release it on an empty space. 


3. Open the folder again, tap and hold Scan 1, wait to be transferred to the Library screen, and drag it to the New Folder 2.


*Note: when dragging documents/folders back and forth, make sure you maintain pressed the finger until they are in the right place. Also, when moving to a folder, drag them right above it so that they are “reflected” within it.    

Let's see the end result. In our example, the New Folder is now empty, while Scan 1 is successfully moved to the New Folder 2, and Scan 2 - to the Library screen as a separate document. 


We hope this article was of some help, but if you are still not sure how to arrange pages or you have other questions, please write us at

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