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The "Photo Scanner for Me" app is undoubtedly valuable in terms of preserving your favorite old photos, but it also has some useful features which allow you to enhance the quality of the photo as if you were using a photo editor.

In order to make full use of the app’s potential, please read a piece of advice below.

In this example, there are no albums in the app yet and we’ve just opened scanner mode and, following the instructions, made a photo scan. To proceed, tap the “tick” icon in the top menu bar on the right to the thumbnail, and save photo/photos to a new album or the existing one.


If you want to edit your existing album, tap it to open, swipe left to see the pictures it contains, select a photo, and tap “Edit” in the bottom menu bar.


There are 4 functions available in the edit mode: Filters, Brightness, Rotate, and Crop.


The Filters allow you to apply one of the preset color schemes to the original picture. There is also a “magic wand” instrument in the left bottom corner of the photo. If you tap it, the system will automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, and other components of the selected filter or the original picture.

 4.PNG 5.PNG

Brightness is regulated by a slider: the more you move it to the left, the brighter the photo, and vice versa.        


The Rotate function allows you to turn a photo. To rotate clockwise, tap the right icon in the bottom bar below the picture; to rotate counterclockwise, tap the left icon, and to return to the original position tap “Reset” in the middle.


The Crop instrument is made in form of a green frame with circles on the corners. If you press and hold one of them, the circle will turn into a magnifying glass. Maintain pressed the corner and drag it in order to change the borders of the photo (the magnifying glass will help you to make sure the photo is cropped as you want). When you've set the corner in the right position, release the finger, and if necessary repeat the same with other corners.  

8.PNG  9.PNG

*Note: Remember, you can use all of these functions or only some of them, but when finished, don't forget to press “Done” in the right top corner of the edit screen.    


Here’s an example of how we've changed the original photo using these editing functions.


Hope this piece of advice was useful, and if you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to write us at  

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