How to share multipage notes?

The "Notepad" app allows you to create easily accessible and stylish notes that you can share in a matter of a minute. You will see that sharing a multipage document is as simple as sharing just one page.

For this, you have to do the following:

1. Open the main screen of the app, press and hold for a couple of seconds the file you want to share. You’ve achieved success when the notes start vibrating slightly.


2. Now, look at the left-top corner of the main screen where appeared a menu bar. The leftmost icon there is the “share” icon. Tap it to bring up the pop-up menu.


3. Choose either Image or PDF format for your note, then choose how you want to share it, and tap “Share”. In this example, we've set PDF format (the chosen format is highlighted with color) and share option by Email (the chosen share option is marked with a tick). All that's left to do is choose the recipient, and the note will be successfully shared.


*Please, make sure you’ve got the connection to the Internet to ensure a swift and correct functioning.

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