How to use app and where to find saved pictures?

We’ve poured our passion and experience into “Super Pixel - Color by Number” app so that you can effortlessly create amazing pictures, relax after a hectic day and just enjoy yourself.

1. In order to begin, open the main screen of the app and select “Library” in the top menu bar.


2. Swipe down to see the pictures in the Library.


For your convenience, “Super Pixel - Color by Number” Library is not divided into categories. You can arrange the pictures by relevance yourself, simply by tapping the “hashtag” in the bottom-left corner of any thumbnail.


Once the hashtag is tapped, the pictures similar to the one you’d selected will appear first thing on the list. You can tap as many times as you like, and every time you will see new relevant pictures provided by the system.


The pictures you started working on or simply selected will be saved in "My Artwork" as soon as you’ve spent a life to do that. You can always continue coloring after a break. For that, go to the main screen and tap the corresponding tab in the top menu. Then simply select the picture, and once again dive into the world of “Super Pixel - Color by Number”.

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Hope this helps! And if you have questions, write us at 

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