Sharing and reset original

Your masterpiece is finished, or you like it just as it is? You will see an animated clip to recall how it was made along the whole creative coloring process. Though, please note that it includes your coloring within the borders of the original image only. Your great additions to it, however, will forever stay in your memory.   

To share the picture, tap the icon in the right top corner of the coloring screen. Add a hashtag to get featured and choose the social media or messenger.


If you find the result unsatisfying or want to start from the beginning, tap the restart icon in the middle of the top menu bar.   

3.PNG 4.PNG 

We sincerely hope you’ll be thrilled by our app. And don’t ruin the fun! Shall you have any difficulties, write us right away at, and we’ll do our best to help you.   

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