Coloring mode

Coloring by pixels is a great way to unwind, create a beautiful and colorful picture and share the result with friends. You will see that it is utterly easy to use. 

There is a color palette situated in the bottom menu bar where you can choose a color with a number on it.


These sequence numbers can also be seen on the picture if you enlarge it.


Select a color with a number (the chosen icon will be bigger than the rest), enlarge the picture using Pinch-to-zoom gesture, and color the pixels with the same number (e.g. color #2). When colored, the pixel’s number will no longer be visible.


As soon as all of the pixels with the said number are colored, this pigment will be marked with a “tick” on a color palette.


After the color is marked with a tick (e.g. color #2), will be activated the next color in the sequence (e.g. color #3). So literally you can start coloring with any number, but the color will automatically change to the next number once you’ve processed all the pixels of a current color.

The coloring process culminates with a congratulation message* that will be shown only after all of the colors from the palette are marked with a tick. If one of the ticks is missing it means that you have colored one of the pixels with a wrong pigment. But don’t worry, this pixel or pixels are highlighted, and the sequence numbers are visible so you can easily correct yourself. To do that, either use the “eraser” tool (situated at the beginning of the color palette in the left-bottom corner) and then apply the correct pigment or simply proceed straight to coloring with the correct pigment.


Also, note that you can color the pixels outside the picture and thus add some really nice personal touches to the overall picture.


*However, please remember that you won’t get a congratulation message if there are pixels colored outside the original picture. If you want to be congratulated, please clear them with the eraser, and you will get a well-earned recognition from us.

Thumbs up, you did a great job!


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