How can I share my Artworks?

Coloring book app allows you not only to create your colored versions of images but also gives a possibility to share those images with your friends using a number of methods.

You can share the image right after you have finished coloring it. For this tap the Share button in the top right-hand corner of the screen:


If you want to share an image that you’ve colored earlier - you can do this from the My Artwork taи on the app’s main screen (check this guide on how to access it - How to find my previous works?). Once in the library screen tap on a necessary image to open it full screen and then tap Share button under it:


After you tap Share either on the coloring screen or on the library screen - you will be able to see editing menu at the bottom of the screen:


This menu allows you to add some options to the image to make it look even cooler after the sharing.

After you finished adding final touches tap the big Share button (1) once more to see available sharing options:


You can choose one of the suggested default options or choose one of the alternatives available in the expanded options list, which you can access if you tap highlighted More button on the screenshot above.

Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact us at in case you have further questions about the app and its options.

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