Share, copy to clipboard and audio speak functions

There are several ways to save the translated text so it won't get lost and you won't have to repeat the snap through translate steps. Let us look at them closely. 

First of all, you can share the translation. 

1. For this, tap the “share” icon in the right bottom corner of the screen.


2. You will see a standard "Share" screen. You can either share it via message, mail, add to Notes, or Save to Files.  

IMG_20180216_110747_0557_copy_2.PNG IMG_20180216_110747_0557_copy.PNG

*Note: tap "More" to see advanced sharing options.  

You can copy the translated text to the clipboard and paste it into another document.

 1. For this, tap the icon in the middle bottom of the screen. You will see the "Copied to clipboard" message.

IMG_20180126_173121_0440__1__copy_3.PNG IMG_20180216_104400_0553_copy.PNG

2. Now close the app or minimize it and open the app where you want to insert it. In this example, it's Notes. 


3. Tap on the document and select "Paste". The fragment will be inserted.     

IMG_20180216_104715_0555_copy.PNG IMG_20180216_104732_0556_copy.PNG

 Another function worth mentioning is

audio pronunciation of the translated text. 

In order to listen to the translated text, tap the “speaker” icon in the left bottom corner of the screen (do the same to stop it). When audio speaker function is on, the icon will turn yellow.


*Note: auto speak will start from the beginning and not from the moment when it was stopped by you.  

You can even set auto speak so that any translated text will be automatically pronounced after its procession. For more information, consult this link: How to turn on auto speak?

Hope this helps. But if you experience other difficulties when using the app, please, write us at

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