How to manage translations?

After recognition process is completed, there are ways to manage your photo translations.

Snap a photo of your text or object and wait for it to be processed.


1. The translation will be situated at the bottom of the screen. But if the source text is too long, you will only see a part of it displayed. In order to see the full text, drag the top of a black curtain up. Similarly, drag it down if you want a reduced version.

IMG_20180126_173121_0440__1__copy.PNG IMG_20180126_173223_0444__1__copy.PNG

2. To swipe down the translated text, simply tap anywhere on the text, swipe it up or down, and then release when the desired part of the text is displayed on the screen.  

3. You can also close the translated text by tapping the “x” icon in the right top corner of the black curtain (the “x” icon is barely visible so that it doesn’t distract you from the translation). Please, bear in mind that after you close the translation it will be lost, and you will be transferred back to the snap mode. 


4. You can change the target language for your translation even after the source text was already scanned!  


For that, tap the right flag icon at the top of the screen, choose the target language, and press “Done” in the right top corner.

E.g. (target language SPA changed to FRA)

IMG_20180129_104537_0448.PNG IMG_20180129_104548_0449.PNG
5. In the OBJECT mode, you can also choose the closest in the meaning source word simply by tapping the name of one of other recognized objects.


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