How to check the detailed weather forecast?

Our Clime app not only provides weather radar and precipitation map images but also allows you to see detailed weather forecasts for almost every location in the world. To check a 14-day weather forecast for a chosen location, please go through the steps described below:

1. First of all, start with choosing a location. Please tap and hold the map in the necessary place to drop a red location pin. The red pin will also bring the weather card with the location's name and current temperature. To open the detailed weather card view simply tap on it. Alternatively, you can choose one of the saved locations from the Locations menu or tap on any weather badge displayed on the map. That will open the detailed weather card.

clime_gp_detailed_forecast_01.jpg   clime_gp_detailed_forecast_02.jpg


2. The detailed weather card shows information about the temperature forecast for the next 24 hours, precipitation, humidity, wind, atmospheric pressure and other weather parameters. Please note that these displayed parameters can be rearranged and added in the app's Settings - General - Customize Layout menu.

To see the temperature forecast for the upcoming hours, please swipe the temperature section to the left. If needed, you can choose between the 1 hour and 3 hours Intervals.

clime_gp_detailed_forecast_03.jpg   clime_gp_detailed_forecast_04.jpg


3. To check weather forecast for the upcoming 14 days, please scroll down the weather card and tap on any day to open the extended view.

clime_gp_detailed_forecast_05.jpg   clime_gp_detailed_forecast_06.jpg


Hope it helps! If you have any additional questions about the app and its features, please feel free to let our team know at

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