How to add locations in the app?

The NOAA Radar app allows you to monitor weather forecast data from all over the world. You can add a location in the app with following methods:

1. Tap and hold the map in a necessary place. This will drop a pin (1) on it and you will see the temperature card (marked by a border) at the bottom of the screen.


Now, if you want to save the location to the list for permanent monitoring - tap + (2) button in the low right corner of the screen. The pin will be converted to a blue one and the location will be added to the list of locations, marked on the next screenshot.



2. Alternative way to add a location is to add it directly to the list using app’s Search option. Tap Location’s list button, highlighted on a screenshot above, to access the list. On the list screen - tap + button in the low right corner:


You will be transferred to the search menu, where you need to enter location’s name. After you do this - you will see all available variants with a similar name:


All you need to do is to tap the one you are looking for and it will be added to the list (this will also drop a blue pin on the map)



Hope this helps! If you have any additional questions about the app and its options - please let us know at

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