How to add a location in the app?

The Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live allows you to monitor weather forecast data from all over the world. You can add a location in the app with the following methods:


1. Please tap and hold the map in the necessary place. This will drop a red pin on the map and you'll see a temperature card at the bottom of the screen.


After that, if you want to save the chosen location, please either tap on the Plus icon at the bottom right corner of the screen or open the wether card and tap on the Plus icon close to the location's name. The pin will be converted to a blue one and the location will be added to the Locations menu.

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2. Alternative way to add a location is to save it directly from the app's Locations menu. To do so, please access the Locations menu by tapping on its icon at the top right corner of the screen (right under the gear-looking Settings menu icon) and then tap the Plus icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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You'll be transferred to the new search menu, where you need to enter the location's name using the search bar. Please start entering the location's name and you'll see all available variants with similar names.


As the last step, please choose an option you're looking for and it'll be automatically added to the Locations menu and marked with a blue pin.



3. If you have the World Weather Map option enabled in the app's Settings - Overlay, you can always tap any weather badge displayed on the map and that will automatically open a weather card for the chosen location. If you want to save this location please on the Plus icon close to the location's name.

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Hope it helps! If you have any additional questions about the app and its features, please feel free to let our team know at

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