How to delete pins and locations?

You can delete locations added and saved in the app using one of the three following options:

1. The red-location pin that is added when you tap and hold the map will be removed automatically when you restart the app. In order to restart the app - tap the Overview button on your device and swipe the app’s card left or right to close it. After this launch the app again - the pin will be no longer on the map.

2. If you want to delete the location that is saved in the app’s list (has blue pin), you can do this either from the main screen or from the list of saved locations.

To remove the location from the list using the main screen of the app - simply tap minus button in the low right corner of the screen:





To remove the location from the list you need first to open it using the Location list access button, shown on the screenshot below:




When you are on the saved locations screen - swipe left the location that you need no longer till you see the Delete/UNDO button. After this you can simply tap anywhere on the screen to confirm deletion or tap UNDO to reverse it.





Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions about the app and its options. You can contact us via the e-mail

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