How to translate offline?

In order to be able to use the app even when you don’t have Internet, you need to enable offline mode.

*Note! Offline mode allows only Text to text translation and does not allow for Speech to speech translation!

To ensure the app works offline, please do the following:

1. Go to the main screen and tap the icon in the center bottom of the screen.

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2. Open the app’s “Settings” by tapping the “gear” icon.


3. Activate “Offline mode” by moving the switch to the ON position (to the right).


How to make sure offline mode is activated?

  • Offline mode is activated when the switch is moved to the right and highlighted with color.
  • You can also see the green Offline icon between the flags, which stays when you are both on the main screen or surf through the app.

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We also suggest you check the list of languages available for offline translation and, if necessary, download new packages. In order to download them, you will need Internet, so it would be wise to do it beforehand. Bear in mind, that the list of languages for offline translation is reduced in comparison with online translation.

To download packages for offline mode, please do the following:

1. Tap the extension symbol to open the list of available languages (already downloaded languages have the “verification sign” on their right (1), while languages that can be downloaded are marked with “download” icon (2). Please also be informed that downloaded language packages cannot be deleted.

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2. Tap one of the packages to download. The pop-up menu that will appear contains information about its size. Press download and wait for it to complete.


*Note: If your chosen source and target languages (can be found at the top of the screen) are not compatible with offline mode, after activating it you will see a corresponding message. Please, make sure you’ve chosen one of the compatible languages in order to avoid frustration.

What happens if your chosen language is not available?

The system will try to accommodate your needs and will propose you other variants or will inform you about an issue. In our example, since English (UK) is not available for offline translation, the system has chosen the closest possible variant, which is English (US).

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