How to add my music as the alarm's sound?

My Alarm Clock app allows to create alarms using the music from your device. Here is a short guide on how to do this. 

1. Open the app and tap alarms button to access the list of active alarms in the app:



2. Tap the alarm to access its settings and in there tap Sound & Music tab:



3. You will see the list of all music saved on your device. Tap one song (1) to listen to it and choose as the sound of the alarm, then tap back button to return to the previous screen (2).

IMPORTANT: Please remember that music files have to be saved directly on your device in the standard system Music folder, otherwise My Alarm Clock app will not be able to see them. Files in other folders or saved in the cloud are not supported at the moment.



On the alarm’s Settings screen - Tap SAVE button to confirm your choice and you are good to go!



Hope this helps and if you have any additional questions about the app and its options - please contact us at

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