How to create an image?

Fontmania allows you to create images with added text to them. The variety of options in the app is really huge and this article will help you to get a quick overview of the whole process: from creating an image capture to its saving and sharing.


First screen you see when you open the app will show you albums that you have in your device’s Gallery and two buttons at the bottom of the screen: Camera and Image.




Tapping Camera button (1) will activate the camera of your device and will allow you to make a photo which you will be able to edit further. Image button (2) will open all the images saved on your device. Tapping on one of the albums will open only the images saved in that particular album.

After you choose the image (or capture one with the device’s camera) you will be transferred to the next screen:




This step allows you to resize the previously captured image and rotate it, if necessary. When finished - tap tick button at the top right corner of the screen and you will be transferred with the next screen which will show you a preview of your image with the options buttons at the bottom:




Tapping each of the three buttons will open additional options and parameters, all of which can be adjusted to your liking and added to the image:


SCREEN_4.png SCREEN_5.pngSCREEN_6.png


When you are satisfied with the results of your adjustments - tap tick button at the top. This will transfer you to the final screen of the app, which will show you available options for the image you made:




Here you have three available options:

1 - Save the image to your device’s Gallery

2 - Share the image via social networks or as an e-mail / message attachment

And if you do not want to see the Fontmania watermark - tap the cross symbol (3) next to it and the watermark will be removed after a short commercial video.


Hope this helps and if you have any additional questions - you can always contact us at

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