How to change the size of the capture frame?

Our app in order to function properly requires permission to use your device’s camera.

*Note: under no circumstances will we use it to collect sensitive information, look through your photos, make indirect use of it, or in any other way violate our Privacy Policy. Camera access is necessary only for the text/object recognition.

Once it is granted, choose either TEXT or OBJECT mode. You will see the capture frame which is your main tool for any translation.

By default, the capture frame size is set to the maximum, and the largest possible part of the screen fits inside it. But if you have a long text before you, or many objects, you might want to capture only a part of it or only one object. This is where the option to reduce the capture frame size might come in handy.  

To do that, please follow these simple steps:

1. Choose the translation mode.


2. You will see the capture frame which borders are marked with four pointy corners.


3. Tap any of them and drag up and down (1), right or left (2), to the center or to the sides (3) until you position the capture frame where you want to it.


4. Make sure the desired text/object fits completely inside it, and snap a photo.

IMG_20180131_101954_0456.PNG IMG_20180131_102018_0457_copy_2.PNG

It’s an easy way to customize the app so that it best fits your needs and spare you from unnecessary frustration.

We are doing everything to present you with an easy-to-use, highly functional app. If you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to write us at

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